Death sentence nurses in Libya accused of slander


trial in LibyaFive Bulgarian nurses condemned to death after being convicted of injecting Libyan children with the HIV virus that can cause AIDS have been accused of slandering police, their lawyer told AFP.

Othman al-Bizanti said the five face questioning on February 11 accused of "slander towards Libyan police officers" in relation to another case.

Their lawyer met the nurses on Monday and said they were "in a bad psychological state" after being told of the slander accusation.

During their trial, the nurses said their confessions had been extracted under torture during police interrogations.

The five female nurses and a male Palestinian doctor were condemned to death last December 19 after being found guilty by a Tripoli court of deliberately injecting more than 400 children with HIV at a hospital in Benghazi.

Meanwhile Libya has proposed a plan to release the nurses in exchange for compensation, the son of Libyan President Moamer Kadhafi, Seif al-Islam, told a Bulgarian newspaper on Monday.

Reacting to the interview, Bizanti said that "justice was independent of politics".

Kadhafi's son told the daily 24 Hours that "we have proposed a road map with solutions (satisfying) all parties: the parents, the Libyan government, the Bulgarian side, the EU."

He added that he had also discussed the plan with the foreign ministers of Germany and France.

Islam also promised that Libya would not carry out the death sentences against the six medics.

source - AFP