Bulgaria's Leaders Appeal for International Help on Libya AIDS Trial

trial in LibyaBulgaria's president, the chairman of the National Assembly and the country's prime minister sent an open letter to the heads of state and parliamentary heads of all EU member states in connection with the Libya HIV trial.

The letter was also sent to NATO, UN, the Council of Europe and the European Parliament.

The letter mentions Libyan court's negligence and its rejection to take into consideration the expertise and opinion of the world-acknowledged scientist in the area of HIV and AIDS.

President Georgi Parvanov expressed his gratitude to Bulgaria's partners and allies for their support of the just cause.

"The cooperation, the evidence on the trial, the European Union's reaction and the support of the International Community were completely ignored. All those eight years the Bulgarian medics and the Palestinian doctor are denied justice. All those eight years our fellow citizens are subjected to physical and mental violations and are of the verge of human resilience," reads the letter.

Parvanov, PM Sergey Stanishev and National Assembly Chairman Georgi Pirinski appeal for a more active support of the common cause for the acquittal and release of the Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian doctor.

source Novinite