Reality show screens for HIV

Sony Big Boss show (courtesy Times Now TV) Sony's reality show Big Boss seems to have quite caught on the imagination of urban audiences. But when the channel asked its contestants to undergo for a health check including HIV test, the question automatically rises, have Indian audiences finally grown up?

Taking cue from the international hit reality show 'Big Brother', the Indian television screen is now playing host to its version called 'Big Boss'. The show has 13 Indian celebrities, who will spend 3 months in a locked house, moreover they can only leave the house if evicted by public vote. With 13 cameras monitoring their every move, this show feeds on the voyeuristic streak of the viewers.

However, one clause of the reality show has shocked the industry. The channel had asked its participants to get tested for the HIV virus along with a general health checkup before the show started, which is apparently a hint that even sex is not a no-no.

However, majority of the conservative Indian television viewers don't seem to be ready to accept it. While the channel bosses say that they were just being extra cautious as they were only screening for healthy participants.

source - Times Now TV