Netherlands donates 300,000 euros to HIV/AIDS projects in Suriname

SurinamePARAMARIBO, Suriname: Promising additional funds if necessary, the Netherlands has donated 303,300 euros towards several HIV/AIDS projects in Suriname.

At the signing ceremony Tuesday in Paramaribo, Dutch Minister of Development Cooperation, Agnes van Ardenne, stressed the importance of the fight against the deadly disease. “I am very pleased to sign these documents and the Netherlands is willing to donate more funds if necessary,” said the Dutch official.

Suriname's acting Minister of Health, Michel Felisi, stressed the importance of minimising the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS. The funds donated to the National AIDS Program (NAP) are to be utilised for activities to combat stigma and discrimination of people living with HIV and AIDS.

An amount of 113,000 euros is to be used to finance training for 2,760 health workers from five hospitals who are involved in treatment, counselling and caring for people affected by the HIV-virus or individuals who are already suffering from AIDS.

For a better understanding of the social and medical implications of the disease NAP will organise an awareness campaign in combination with several workshops. The project will last for 21 months.

The second project is aimed at capacity building in organisations involved in public awareness for groups with a higher risk of contracting the HIV-virus and other sexually transmitted diseases. To carry out their activities these organisations have to stay in touch with these groups.

For this project 190,000 euros is being allocated, while 160,000 of these funds are to be utilised for small grant programmes. Non-governmental organisations and community based organisations may submit proposals to implement activities in the field of HIV/AIDS awareness. This project will run for three years.

source - Caribbean Net News