HIV/AIDS cases increase rapidly in Czech


czech republic The Czech Republic reported 899 HIV/AIDS cases in 2006, nearly twice as the number in 2000, as the young generation ignore the threat of the disease and more immigrants poured into the country, a latest document released by the national reference laboratory on AIDS on Wednesday.

About 501 HIV/AIDS cases were reported in 2000, but this year the number reached 899, among whom 764 people were infected by sex, according to the laboratory.

The data also showed that the capital of Prague is the most HIV/AIDS infected area in the whole country, where the infected number amounts to 453, half of the total number.

Marie Bruckova, an expert of the laboratory, said the most important reason why the HIV/AIDS infected number increased so rapidly is that the young generation neglects the danger of AIDS.

"The young people even don't have any scare about the deadly disease," she said.

Among the infected ones, there are also many immigrants, 244 in total, Bruckova added.

The infected immigrants were usually from Africa at the early time, but nowadays most of them are from eastern and central Europe, especially from Russia, the expert said.

Eastern Europe is one of the areas where the HIV/AIDS spread most rapidly. The Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) showed that there were 0.21 million new cases of HIV/AIDS reported in eastern Europe and central Asia in 2004, bringing the total number of the infected to 1.4 million in the areas.

Source - Xinhua