Bayelsa to pay HIV carriers N10,000 monthly, free drugs


NigeriaNIGERIA - Governor Goodluck Jonathan of Bayelsa State has affirmed the administration’s determination to come up with a master plan for the development of Yenogoa, the state capital even as he has taken  education as the first priority of his government.

At an interactive session with Bayelsans living in Abuja, Monday, Governor Jonathan also disclosed the government’s policy of giving N10,000 monthly to carriers of the HIV/AIDS virus in addition to distribution of free anti-retroviral drugs. The session which was thronged by Bayelsans living in the federal capital also had in attendance, the President of the Ijaw National Congress (INC), Prof. Kimse Okoko, the state’s immediate past commissioner for Information, Mr. Oronto Douglas and top Federal Government officials from the state living in Abuja.

While praising the Abuja residents for their support during the President’s recent visit to the state, he noted that one of the observations made by the President was on development of a well planned capital city, an issue he said the administration had just before then taken action on.
“In four months time we will come up with a detailed master plan of Yenagoa including a central sewage system, gas piping and an underground electricity distribution system.’’

On his government’s plans for education, he said there were plans to retrain all teachers in the state and to establish an N8 billion Gifted School which will draw the best pupils from all parts of the state. He also said the administration had plans to boost the health status of HIV/AIDS patients in the state and would in that direction support their feeding which he said was a crucial element to their vitality.