HIV vaccine trials get backing


Another possible HIV vaccine gets a sponsor. However, "taking the vaccine through to licensure could cost $50 million." Why is it so expensive to get a license for vaccine? Where will this money go to? If the vaccine works, why there are so many obstacles?

TORONTO -- An HIV-AIDS vaccine under development at the University of Western Ontario appears headed for human clinical trials with the announcement yesterday a Korean company will finance the work.

Curocom Co. will put up the $15 million that will be needed to take the vaccine, developed by virologist Dr. Yong Kang, through Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials, the university in London, Ont., announced.

Kang said taking the vaccine through to licensure could cost $50 million. He was hopeful but cautious about the vaccine's chances of success. "We have to be careful. Because we have done the animal, the immune response studies. But that doesn't mean we can repeat exactly the same kind of results in humans," he said.