HIV awareness classes for teachers


AIDS newsBANGALORE: A scheme to periodically review the syllabus and an awareness programme for teachers in aid of HIV+ children — primary and secondary education minister Basavaraj Horatti's goodie bag came loaded at the valedictory session of the seminar on ‘Karnataka's Elementary Education System' at national Institute of Advanced Sciences on Saturday.

The minister announced a scheme that would cover the various aspects of syllabus revision ranging from the methodology of revision to the periodicity of revision to be launched soon. "This is to ensure that our children do not have to study an outdated curriculum," he said.

When a member in the audience raised the issue of discrimination shown towards children diagnosed as HIV+, Horatti said, "We are planning to start a programme for teachers so that they do not discriminate against such students. They too have an equal right to education and childhood."

He hoped that the programme would help alleviate the current problem of students dropping out when an HIV+ student enrolls at a school.

Horatti also discussed the setting up of a committee to formulate a state education policy, which would be headed by former Department of State Education Research and Training (DSERT) director Jagannath Rao. "The policy would be aligned to president Abdul Kalam's vision 2020 for Karnataka. It would cover everything from the larger goals of the policy to more minute details like the ratio of teacher and students in a class."

The minister also touched upon the introduction of English from class one in the language policy that would be effective from June 1, 2007. He also assured that there would be no political interference in the functioning of government schools.

He also advocated frequent interactions between parents, teachers and the panchayat to achieve education goals of each child in every village.

Horatti spoke about the effectiveness of the committee of physical education in Punjab and Haryana and said that the findings of the Karnataka committee headed by Justice Vaidyanathan would be implemented in the curriculum.


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